NCAA Cracks down on Cal Poly

On April 18th, the NCAA set forth sanctions against California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo over incentives given to Cal Poly student athletes by the Cal Poly Athletic Department for textbooks.

Not only does Cal Poly have to pay a $5000 fine for breaching NCAA code, but they will no longer get to recognize any wins or postseason participation in any athletic activity over the past 3 years.  

Reaction to this news has mostly been negative.

Even national figures like former Detroit basketball coach and current sportscaster Dick Vitale had thoughts of their own on the controversy…and they weren’t positive.

To learn more about the controversy, visit here.

What will be left for interpretation right now will be whether this news will impact intramural sports participation. With Cal Poly’s major sports programs fulfilling limited success, will these NCAA sanctions reduce any sort of competitive spirit for on-campus sports in general? Only time will tell because no drastic effects on intramural sports participation have been noticed yet.

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