Doerr Field’s Role at Cal Poly

Doerr Family Field is the newest practice, intramural, and recreational facility Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has to offer for its community, located on the south end of campus next to the newly refurbished track and field area, tennis courts, and the Grand Avenue parking structure.

Ground broke in July of 2017 and construction lasted seven months until it was dedicated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on February 2, 2018. To learn more about the ribbon-cutting ceremony, visit Doerr Family Field.

Named after the family of former Cal Poly football player and alumni Richard A. Doerr, the 140m site includes a standard 48.5m x 109.1m synthetic turf football field, a pair of filming towers, a shed area, lighting, and a scoreboard on the north end of the field.

In May of 2017, Cal Poly Corporation, a non-profit organization that provides financing and service for Cal Poly, donated a generous fund of $750 thousand to the construction of the Doerr Family Field. This was one of the heftiest donation the $4.8 million project had received.

Visit Practice Field to learn more about the construction project.

The field is shared by not only various Cal Poly sports, but by Associated Students Inc. (ASI), marching band, and students alike.

“This project represents exactly what the Cal Poly Corporation is all about and what we work hard to do – to support Cal Poly and to work with others to create a positive impact for this campus,” said Lorlie Leetham, executive director for Cal Poly Corporation, in an article by the Corp’s media center (Cal Poly Corp.).

With Doerr field being publicly available for the entire Cal Poly community to enjoy for over a year now, and since it has been an enormous edition to the intramural program, it’s important to appreciate how it has impacted campus as a whole. Here is what goes on at the field on a regular basis:

Doerr Field serves as a venue for competitive students not associated with intramurals or university sports to partake in some of their favorite physical activities. These activities most commonly include tossing frisbees and playing spikeball, also referred to as roundball.

Doerr Field spike-ballers going at it.

The marching band often conducts their practice performances on Doerr family Field before sports games. Students, visitors, or faculty members walking past the field are frequently treated to resounding music.

Almost everyday of the week, the field is used by any of the 21 recognized Cal Poly athletic teams. Practice hours and claims to the field vary among teams, but the football team tends to be the most avid user, with their practices taking place early in the morning.  

Cal Poly Soccer team practicing.

And, of course, Doerr Family Field has been of great help to ASI intramurals. It serves as a new and extra venue for outdoor intramurals. Sports that occur on Doerr Field include 7v7 flag football, ultimate frisbee, and soccer.

Intramural ultimate frisbee players competing.

“The field has been very convenient for ASI and everyone involved in intramural sports because now referees and players don’t always have to travel across the entire campus to the old practice fields.” said in a statement by the ASI intramural office.

There is no doubt that with the increasing reliability on Doerr Family Field to accommodate various Cal Poly events and programs, it will continue to be a hot-spot location on campus.

Infographic for Blog Post:

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