Team Manager Proves How Valuable Leadership is in Intramurals

Every team involved in intramural sports is started by one or two enthusiastic students. They assemble all the players on their roster and attend mandatory meetings. These people are intramural team managers. They are the internal leaders of the intramural program.

Jonathan Li, a first-year chemical engineering major, is currently a team manager for a Division II 7v7 flag football team. This is his first year in intramurals all-together.

For many students, intramural sports are a chance to let loose and have fun with friends and peers. For Jon, they are a chance to not only have fun, but to assert athletic dominance and championship pedigree. This was Jon’s perception going into the Spring season, successfully recruiting around a dozen players who share his mentality.

However, Jon is by no means solely a team manager. He also assumes the role of an attentive and spiritual supporter for his players. His dedication to leadership is a key reason why is team is currently atop the Division II flag football standings this quarter.

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