2019 Spring Regular Season Concludes for Football, Soccer, and Basketball

The past week marked the end of the Spring regular season for intramural flag football, soccer, and basketball. It is now win or go home for all the teams moving on to the postseason.

Here’s a brief recap of what transpired this regular season. The following teams finished atop the standings of their respective sports’ division/section.

Captain John Michael Theofandies’s No Punt Intended.

Captain Jeffrey Martin’s Team 4

Captain John Shutler’s Avg_at_Best

Captain Chase Braun’s Team Braun

Captain Cody Griffith’s Space Force

Captain Jesse Wang’s The Hopfes

Captain Kyle Friedman’s Smol

Captain Charlie Taylor’s Net Six and Chill

Captain Darya Darvish’s SauceMoney

Captain Kenny Won’s Team Too

Captain Braden Hotra’s Real City Sporting FC

Click here to view the full standings for every sport.

Playoffs will start this Monday (5/19). Depending on how many teams in each division/section qualified for the postseason, this period should last anywhere from two to three weeks, with each team playing a single game per week. According to ASI, referees will be advised to more strictly follow intramural guidelines in the postseason than they did in the regular season to prevent bad sportsmanship among opposing players and maintain competitive integrity.

“The regular season was fun, but now in the playoffs, we are all aware that our season can end after just one bad game. We want to continue having fun,” said Jonathan Li, captain of the Division II flag football squad Show Us Your TD’s.

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