ASI Scraps Division II League Two from Spring Intramural Football

Cal Poly Spring intramural 7v7 football is only a week away from kickoff and controversy has

already surfaced. On Monday, April 8, the Associated Student Inc. (ASI) scrapped their Division II

League Two due to an insufficient amount of teams willing to participate. The scrapping

resulted with disappointment from intramural players, team managers, and ASI referees alike.

Why did this happen?

During the duration of sign-ups for Spring intramural football, Division II League Two

accumulated only three enthusiastic teams. This was a noticeable difference from previous

seasons. After the decision was made final, the players signed up for Division II League Two

were given these options: to agree to play in Division III or decide not to play in any league and

request a refund of their initial deposits to play from ASI. Despite the additional opportunity to

play in Division III, no team took the offer.

“The decision to scrap the league was made due to how the league would operate with only

three teams. With that few teams, each team would only play two regular season games and

the preferred structure of the playoff bracket would not be possible, thus the scrapping was

the only reasonable option.” said the Cal Poly Intramural Sports Office at the Recreational


What was ASI Looking for in Division II League Two?

Currently, Division II League One, which hosts their regular and postseason games on Monday

nights between 8:30 and 10:30 pm, is compiled of six teams-a single team improvement from

Winter 2019. This number requires four regular season games and one bye-week for each team

and two first round playoff games with the victor of each game to matchup with one of the two

teams who earned first round byes. This was the intended league format for Division II League

Two according to the Intramural Sports Office. Click here to visit Cal Poly’s IMLeagues page to

learn more.

“It’s unfortunate because a lot of people wanted to play, especially this season. This league,

me, was an opportunity for more kids to participate in recreational sports and just have fun.

However, I don’t feel like it would’ve been a whole lot of fun competing with only a few other

teams,” said Matt Kaimer, a first-year business administration major who signed up for Spring

Division II League Two as a team manager, reacting to the decision to scrap the league.

Photo by ASI Cal Poly

What will be the future of intramural football?

What will be interesting to note would be how

participation in intramural football alters come Fall

2019 due to this ruling. There are hopes that this

quarter’s disappointment will drive an ample

number of teams to sign up for Division II League Two

next season to avoid this from happening again, instead of teams losing interest in Division II

League Two and possibly not signing up for seasons to come, which could potentially result in a

permanent removal.

Despite the removal of Division II League Two from this quarter’s intramural season, there’s still

a lot to look forward to in Division I, Division II League One, and Division III. For updates

regarding intramural games of every kind, visit IMLeague.